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Pregnancy Yoga

Make space and bond with your baby!


Pregnancy yoga helps the mothers to be, to have a smoother and joyful journey. The yoga techniques support the body and mind adapt to the changes, make space and help to bond with your baby. It supports you to get your body and mind ready for birth.


*Open to all ladies that are past their first trimester

(12 weeks) *



- Asana's and flow sequences to improve flexibility and balance. 

- Breathing techniques help you to calm and centre and support you in birth.

- Improve the flexibility and strengthen the spine

- Pelvic floor exercises; yogic and birth breathing; strengthening birthing muscles

- All over strengthening and stretching to create space for you and baby

- Useful birthing positions

- Deep relaxation and visualisation techniques useful for pregnancy and labour

- Meditation to centre and bond with your baby


* No prior yoga experience is required. Pregnancy is the best time to try yoga! *


Personally tailored one to one zoom classes £35

in person classes £45


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