Postnatal Yoga -Mumy and Baby Yoga/Massage

Time to strengthen, reconnect and relax


Postnatal yoga can help new mothers in firming and strengthening their bodies while nurturing their physical and emotional health. It helps to have a mummy-baby bond while supporting baby's physical development. It also includes baby massage techniques that have magical effects on the physiological and mental development of your baby. 


*Classes are open to mothers who have had their 6-week medical check and babies from 6 weeks to crawling * 



- Focus on gently re-establishing your core strength.

- Helps the body to heal and reconnect.

- Realigns the whole body specifically the spine and pelvis with pelvic floor exercises. 

- Safe postures for the post-natal body ensuring joint stability

- Special bonding time for mother and baby

- Relaxed environment for mothers to feed, change or hold the baby during class

- Specifically designed for the needs of the mother and the baby.

- Calming and relaxing breathing techniques. 

- Baby Yoga/Massage to support and relax babies.



The Sail Loft - Greenwich 

11 Victoria Parade, London SE10 9FR


On Tuesdays and Wednesdays @ 10:00


One class £12, 5-classes block £50

*Please book your class in advance to secure your space.

The venue is accessible with changing facilities and space for buggies. Enjoy the amazing view of the river during the classes. 


Private 1:1 classes and small group classes can be booked at Hande Lulu Yoga Studio (Next to Lewisham train station) and at your place. 

Hande Lulu Yoga Studio is accessible with changing facilities and space for buggies and parking.